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New HostGator Coupons for 2008!

We have a couple new HostGator Coupons and a special Valentine’s day surprise as well! Remember to visit to use any of these coupons. Today we have a 20% off coupon and coupons to make the first month only 1 cent by saving you $9.94.

HostGator Valentine’s Day Coupon

Coupon code - “Heart” - It saves you 20% on your order!

First Month 1 Cent Coupons ($9.94 Off)

1. “iceishot” - $9.94 OFF 2. “jury” - $9.94 OFF 3. “webhostingunleashed” - $9.94 OFF

PS: Our wordpress blog got broken into and spam links added but all is fixed now. I strongly recommend updating and making sure you have the latest version of wordpress to protect your blog!

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HostGator Coupon Blog - October 07 Update

HostGator hasn’t changed their coupon setup so all the coupons take $9.94 off your order! Still a great deal, here are coupons for October

October 07 HostGator Coupons (Same ones from previous month, all the same ;)
1. “iceishot” - $9.94 OFF
2. “jury” - $9.94 OFF
3. “webhostingunleashed” - $9.94 OFF

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HostGator Coupon Blog - August Update

Hey sorry for the long delay, just wanted to let you know that HostGator is still doing a great job, just past the 3 year mark in June I believe and sites have just been doing awesome. Uptime and everything has been good and live chat seems faster than they used to be. I highly recommend them!

August HostGator Coupons (Same ones from previous month, all the same ;)
1. “iceishot” - $9.94 OFF
2. “jury” - $9.94 OFF
3. “webhostingunleashed” - $9.94 OFF

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HostGator Coupons And March Update

Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with school. Finally going to update this blog and here is a big collection of all HostGator Coupons I could find!

1. “iceishot” - $9.94 OFF
2. “jury” - $9.94 OFF
3. “webhostingunleashed” - $9.94 OFF

All of those give $9.94 off your order so you can get their baby hosting plan for only 1 cent for the first month. Plus it works on reseller and dedicated orders if you want to get a discount on those. Very happy with them and coming up on using hostgator for two years!

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New HostGator Coupon and More HostGator Comments

Sorry its been so long without an update, been super busy. All is going great with my hostgator plan, been using them now since June 06 and no problems, very happy :)!!!

New HostGator Coupon
Use the coupon “webhostingunleashed” to get $9.94 off any order. (Makes the first month 1 cent like all HostGator Coupons).

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Host Gator Coupon and ~15 Month Review Update

Well I’ve now been using HostGator for about 15 months, no downtime yet and no problems. Very happy :)

And here are some host gator coupon codes for you :)

    Host Gator Coupon Codes:
  1. “iceishot” - $9.94 Off
  2. “jury” - $9.94 Off

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~10 Month HostGator Review

Everything has been going great with my hosting account, no downtime or problems with any of my personal blogs! I just upgraded to the new Wordpress for my other site easily and just had to ask a few questions on hostgator’s live chat, they helped me out with how to backup my database before I started and then I was done!

HostGator Coupon of the Month

  • “iceishot” - $9.94 Off - For More Coupons See the Below Post….

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Found A New HostGator Coupon Page

I found a great page with a ton of HostGator Coupon Codes, here are part of the coupons they have for shared and reseller hostgator plans. All the below coupons are for $9.94 off because HostGator was getting a lot of fraud and had to make it so the first month cost only 1 cent.

    Coupon Codes:
  1. “iceishot” - $9.94 Off
  2. “jury” - $9.94 Off
  3. “hgc25″ - $9.94 Off
  4. “Hostcritique” - $9.94 Off

Thanks to the HostGator Coupon Page for the links!

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